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I had a hot gay history teacher. I was a foreign student so I made an excuse just to stay during lunch time and so I could seduce him. It worked and I sucked his dick that day even after the bell rang for the next class where I had to hide under his desk.
— Anonymous

I'm a jock with a naughty fantasy of being used at a Gloryhole by several older men. I forget to lock the door to the stall, and daddy catches me jerking. I get bent over and worked by a crowd
— Anonymous

When I was a teen my hot friend that was straight came over one day and we hanged in the basement and we did a 69 and I jacked him off. It was so god damn hot.
— Anonymous

Since my doctor told me oral is pretty safe, I suck out and drink their cum every time. It's hottest when they try to hold back but I keep going. I always tell them it's my first swallow.
— Anonymous

I just had my mover come to give me an estimate for my move and I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his cock! He was so hot!!!!
— Anonymous